Feb. 13, 2023

Can introverts and extroverts thrive... together?

Can introverts and extroverts thrive... together?

Ofosu and Leah talk with Olivia Johnson, Senior Employee Success Manager at Elevate Labs, the company that created the Balance app. She's the expert planner behind the company meetup that's brought everyone together—even Ofosu and Leah—in Los Cabos, Mexico. They discuss how to plan big events with introverts and extroverts in mind, and they share expert tips for providing comfort to both personality types in work settings and personal relationships.

▶️ You can watch the latest episode on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/h9lWD3_r0Sc

📚 More about Olivia:

Olivia Johnson is the Senior Employee Success Manager at Elevate Labs and an expert at making all personality types feel comfortable at company-wide events. Case in point: After the last meetup, 100% of survey respondents felt more bonded with their co-workers.

🎧 What’s in this episode:

  • (00:00) Meet Olivia Johnson
  • (01:53) Leah's experience as an introvert working in tech
  • (03:18) Olivia's experience planning big events
  • (04:51) Introverts vs. extroverts
  • (07:05) The power of perspective
  • (08:33) Why setting expectations early is important
  • (09:37) "It's a social marathon, not a sprint"
  • (10:22) Ofosu's experience as an extrovert
  • (13:11) Introversion and extroversion in romantic relationships
  • (15:18) The social pressure to be extroverted
  • (16:27) The pain of small talk
  • (16:58) Tips for providing comfort to introverts during social gatherings
  • (18:05) Making space for all personality types

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