March 13, 2023

Date Yourself

Date Yourself

What does it mean to #dateyourselfinstead? Ofosu and Leah talk about their experiences of taking themselves out on solo dates and why they're important, even if you're in a relationship. They also discuss tips to help you prioritize dating yourself, push against your comfort zone, and nurture your independence.

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🎧 What's in this episode:

  • (02:43) - Leah's experience going on artist dates 
  • (03:23) - Ofosu's experience eating solo at a restaurant 
  • (05:55) -  How to push against your comfort zone 
  • (06:34) - Learning how to be truly autonomous 
  • (07:20) - The difference between spending time by yourself and dating yourself 
  • (07:39) - Going on N.I.C.E dates 
  • (08:23) - How Leah prepares for a solo date 
  • (09:40) - Nurturing the independent part of you 
  • (10:22) - Taking micro-dates with intention 
  • (12:07) - Feeling awkward when you're out by yourself 
  • (14:21) - Do you really know yourself? 
  • (14:39) - How to prioritize dating yourself 
  • (17:11) - Overcoming mom guilt
  • (19:12) - Dressing up for yourself

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