Jan. 23, 2023

Discipline vs. compassion: What's more motivating?

Discipline vs. compassion: What's more motivating?
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Can you be disciplined and nice to yourself? Ofosu and Leah believe it’s possible. Actually, they say self-compassion is essential to reaching your goals. They also discuss their experiences of putting intense pressure on themselves to improve (and why this didn’t work in the long term) and share practical tips for incorporating more compassion into the ways you stay motivated.

▶️ You can watch the latest episode on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/ec5jRYmU-zM

🎧 What’s in this episode:

  • (00:00) Building discipline and having self-compassion
  • (02:42) What does discipline mean to you?
  • (03:38) David Goggins’ “Embrace the suck”
  • (06:10) What’s motivating for different personality types
  • (07:48) Why self-compassion creates long-term change
  • (08:42) Dr. Kristen Neff de-bunks: Does self-acceptance lead to complacency?
  • (11:04) Cultivating a lifelong relationship with your body
  • (13:47) Comparison is the thief of joy
  • (15:57) The importance of rest
  • (16:55) Finding your “why”
  • (18:15) Consistency is key
  • (18:37) Reframing discipline as an expression of love

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