March 6, 2023

How to focus on what really matters

How to focus on what really matters

Ofosu and Leah talk about what really matters at the end of our days—and lives. They discuss how death can remind us to celebrate the life and connections we have, and they share tips that'll help you shift your focus toward what matters most.

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🎧 What's in this episode:

  • (00:46) - The Tibetan death meditation and celebrating the life that we all have
  • (02:55) - Hear a part of Ofosu's new song
  • (03:10) - Experiencing everything life has to offer
  • (04:24) - How distracting social media really is
  • (04:50) - Doing what's right for you
  • (06:01) - Overcoming the sense of "time's running out"
  • (07:46) - Ofosu's fear of losing his parents
  • (10:24) - Leah's tip: Writing a letter to loved ones that have passed away
  • (12:55) - Appreciating moments of real connection (with yourself and others)

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