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Wonderful Monday podcast

Great additions to the amazing Balance meditations. Thank you so much for the terrific content. The coaches exude calm intelligence and curiosity. They are fabulous.

Great addition to my weekly collection

I downloaded the Balance app and love using it! I was excited when I discovered they also had a podcast and I have become a weekly listener. Thank you for taking the time to share your perspectives on life, relationships, mindfulness and everything in between.

Great meditation app and podcast

I am thoroughly enjoying and appreciating your app Balance.


Namaste. Thank you so much for doing this podcast. I love the balance app and I love podcasts so this was a great merging of two brilliant and important things in my life. This weeks guest mama Ayesha was everything and that’s what got me to rate and review today. I’ve shared with family members and greatly thank Leah and Ofosu for their vibes.

Love this podcast

I’m so glad I found this podcast - the hosts are calming, reassuring and offer great insights for how to appreciate the everyday and ways to reconnect with ourselves.


What appreciate about this podcast is that there are these deep, engaging conversations that reconnects me to my humanness and the humanness of others. Takes me away from mental chatter and brings me to awareness in everyday life experiences.

Balanced for YOU

I used Balance for the free first year and then purchased a lifetime subscription. I’ve tried SO MANY meditation apps over the years and never was able to connect. Balance is customized to how you are feeling and what you are experiencing in the moment. It’s a choose your own adventure for meditation. As as he is a different human being, my husband has a very different experience with the app because it has been customized to him. It’s amazing. You don’t spend forever trying to find the right meditation. It’s as easy as picking your current situation (very easy menu) and then selecting the options from there. Both coaches are wonderful. Thank you Balance!

Moments to reset

This podcast is a part of my weekly routine as an opportunity to practice the habit of rewiring my internal dialogue. Each episode has had a nugget of conscious reminder to be kind to myself and realize others are doing their best just as I am.

Thank you for this podcast

I really appreciate the simplicity and positivity of these episodes. Its so refreshing.

Powerful podcast

I love the topics that y’all both have touched it has been things that I’ve added to my world on my mental health journey. As well as been a Black man I respect the transparency, openness, and willingness to to be taught on what is is to be black in America let alone the world. Keep doing what y’all are doing with love from the DMV you are touching souls.


I just found this podcast and I only wish the episodes were longer. The hosts are so soothing and they make it so relatable to those of us who are new to finding balance and being present.

Keep up the amazing work!!!

Amazing subjects and guests.

Perfect Timing

At a time in my life when I need guidance in this area… I stumble upon this podcast.


Such an amazing podcast!! Thank you for all you do. 💜

Great way to start the week!

I’ve been listening to the Well Balanced podcast for a few months now. It’s been my way to check in with myself and without pressure set goals for my week. I love how Leah and Ofosu are down to earth and relatable. They share their experiences and give practical tips of the topics they are discussing. When they bring guests, they are relevant and easy to understand. I also like that it’s usually short. My schedule is usually very busy, so with a few minutes I can listen and reflect on the topic.


Inspirational discussions packed with best practices! Thank you!

It’s my weekend hobby!

I really feel close to Leah and Ofosu so it’s really amazing for mr listening to them talking about cool topics It’s really great to have Tod here Me myself learn a lot from him in this short time!

Ideal length of a podcast episode IMO

I just started listening to this podcast and I totally loved the episode about giving yourselves permission to rest. Very inspiring. Well done!

Trusted Voices on Relevant Topics

I’ve come to love and trust Leah and Ofosu’s voices as they guide me through meditation practices on the Balance app, so it’s extra fun to hear them talk about their personal lives and explore relevant life topics on this podcast.

Interesting topics

I’ve been a fan of the Balance coaches for sometime now. Love what they’re doing here! Lots of supportive and tactical insights. ❤️

Awesome to hear this side of Ofosu and Leah!

Interested to see what else they discuss here!

Love Ofosu and Leah

Best coaches 🙂🎉

Thank you Balance!

I love the Balance app and Ofosu and Leah! I’m so excited to add this to my weekly listening! After listening to the first episode, I’m hooked. It’s a perfect reminder of how to embrace feeling down with kindness. Looking forward to what this show has to offer!